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Great website design but no customers?

Digital Marketing Website Development

Having a great looking website is one thing but you need it to reach your desired audience. And with today’s marketplace, everyone has a huge amount of online competition – so having a fantastic website is just the start of your online marketing needs.

So I’ve got the website sorted, now what?

1. Check User Experience for your website

First, make sure that your website is setup for the best possible User Experience. Whatever platform you used to create your website and whether you did it yourself or commissioned a website developer to do it,  you still need to make sure the website will perform at it’s best. Having a great looking design doesn’t necessarily mean that it will outperform your competition. See more about User Experience here.

2. Search Engine Optimisation strategies

Again, it doesn’t matter what platform or CMS your website was developed in, every business needs a search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy.  Making sure that your website complies to current website and Google web developer standards is a must. Even if you’ve used an ‘out of the box’ CMS it doesn’t mean that once your website’s ready to go online that it is search engine optimised. Simple things like page speed and backlinks are an example of things that need to be considered for your website’s Search engine performance. There are many factors that need to be considered for SEO. Learn more here.

3. Digital Marketing

With the two points above organised you will need to consider digital (online) marketing.  Getting the word out about your website and products or services is crucial. Don’t expect to just launch your website and it appears on the top of page one of Google search results + the audience is going to then click on your link.  Every business must have a digital marketing strategy in place. Your competition probably does.

Not all digital marketing needs to be paid advertising – though this is certainly an option for a ‘boost’ in your online brand awareness and clicks. Social media strategies and content marketing are two examples where, if done correctly, you won’t need to pay for more traffic to your website and the all important conversions.  Writing a blog posts for your business on a regular basis is a great example of content marketing and this will help your website ranking as well as provide your audience with some useful information. See more about writing blogs for business here. 

ALL 3 points should be evaluated and worked on continuously for any business – just to stay in the game.

If you need any help or advice with your website design and/ or digital marketing, contact us  or complete our quick consultation form and get your project started.