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Retain your existing customers


At the best of times you still need to work smart to retain your exisiting customers.  It’s even more important at times when the economy is looking negative.

These are the client base that have already decided to choose your business in the past, so you know that you’ve attracted their attention. But don’t be fooled in thinking that they won’t use anyone, your competitors, in the future. You have to still work hard to keep your existing customers and let them know that their business is important to you.

Digital marketing to retain your customers

Out of sight means out of mind.  You need to keep in touch with your customers or you risk losing them.  And it is always cheaper to retain an existing customer than acquire a new one.

Here’s a few things that you can do with your digital marketing to keep in touch and communicate with your existing customers: 

  • Marketing automation is the lowest cost, easiest, and most effective way keeping in touch with your customers.  I’m not talking sending automated email marketing spam, nor am I talking about broadcasting cold calling messages to get new customers.  You need to be sending out personalised, contextualised, targeted messages to existing customers who want to hear your news.  You need to be keeping in touch with your customers at every touch point in their digital journey through social channels, through exploring the web. And doing this systematically and automatically will ensure the job gets done, and will free up your more expensive human talents to deliver creative campaigns that will add even more ROI.
  • Content production is an essential ingredient for your tactical marketing campaigns for keeping in touch with your existing customers. Share the innovations that you are currently making that differentiates your offering from your competitors, and promote your good news stories in terms of awards and client wins.  A blog where you can post news and articles is essential for any business, brand or influencer.  If you need inspiration for a B2B content marketing campaign, contact us.
  • Getting more social means engaging in conversations with your existing customers.  LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram: these are places where you customers are reviewing your products, discussing their purchasing decisions, exchanging views on your business.  Create a low cost plan for reaching customers.   Use these tools to listen to your customers, hear what they’re talking about, learn more about your market.  And remember it isn’t about advertising – your contributions to the conversation need to be valuable and appropriate.


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