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Slow Websites will be labelled by Google


We’ve often talked about the importance of your website speed for Search Engine Optimisation and User Experience, but now it’s even more important to have a quick website; Google has announced that slow websites could soon be flagged and badged by its Chrome browser.

Google has been working on several ‘speed badging’ systems to let visitors know why a page is taking time to load. This could be from simple text warnings and other signs to indicate that it’s a slow website.

At this stage, no date has been given for when the ‘speed badging’ system will be added to Chrome browsers.

Google to flag slow sites and ‘reward’ fast loading websites

Google said that it wants to help visitors understand why a website is loading slowly while ‘rewarding sites delivering fast experiences’.

This is why it’s crucial to make sure that your website’s in good working order and as fast as possible – it’s better for your SEO and, of course, User Experience.  If people have to wait too long for a website to load they’ll likely just click off and go to one of your competitors anyway. Mobile devices for searching and visiting websites have increased dramatically over recent years and this also needs to be factored into your website and SEO planning.

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