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Terms and Conditions

Coast Creative Services refers to all owners, employees and other principals who do work for this company.

  1. Website plans- we’ll respond to your booking, after you’ve paid your deposit, within 1 business day at the latest.
  2. Additional pages / content can be developed by us but will incur an extra fee. We can give you a quote for this after your free consultation. Alternatively, you’ll be able to add new pages yourself once the website is live.
  3. The website login details are only available to you once ALL final payments are received.
  4. Fees include layout, text and other formatting of content and material as required;
  5. As we book a significant amount of time for our client’s projects and may turn away other business because of this, based on our commitment to your company a 25% deposit is required before commencement of your website. The balance is due before production. For projects taking more than 4 weeks, a progress payment may be required of a further 25% (after 4 weeks) if the project is at least 75% complete. The deposit is refundable minus any work already carried out.
  6. Once you have approved the website by way of either signing a proof or confirming by email it is considered a final design and the project is approved. Changes after that point are billed additionally.
  7. This is an at-will agreement; you can cancel it at any time. Upon cancellation your materials, files and any other property belonging to you that was needed for the project will be returned after we have received payment in full for any remaining balances owed.
  8. Our schedule is booked on your behalf only upon receipt of a valid signed proposal or email confirmation of agreement and deposit received.
  9. Coast Creative Services will keep copies of electronic data for up to two years for current clients only. We however, cannot be responsible for loss of this information beyond our control.
  10. Expenses incurred on the client’s behalf including premium plugins are payable upfront by the client (if applicable). We won’t add extra expenses without talking to you first.
  11. Work requested which is not in the scope of the proposal (original brief) is billed at an hourly rate, on a weekly or monthly basis – this will be pre agreed before doing extra work. Coast Creative Services will not bill extra fees without discussing it with you first.
  12. Scheduling- Coast Creative Services will give an estimate of final production time based on all copy and images being ready for the project. If the project is held up due to a client not having relevant information, images, copy, video or any other content ready, Coast Creative Services cannot be held responsible for your project taking longer than scheduled. It may also mean that we have to reschedule your project to fit in with other work we have committed
  13. Final production will not commence unless Coast Creative Services has received final approval (sign off) in writing by the client unless under instructions from client to do otherwise and any outstanding fees that are due at that point are
  14. *Search Engines: Search engine ‘optimization’ is included in our website development
    • While Coast Creative Services will set your website up to be as search engine ‘friendly’ as possible we cannot be held responsible for your website not being as high up in the search engine listings as you would like. Search engine indexing is out of our control. Coast Creative Services will also submit your website to the major search engines and their free submissions. Free submission to search engines can take anywhere from a few weeks up to several months for your website to be recognized by the search engines and there is no guarantee that it will be accepted. Fast- tracking your website into search engine directories can only be guaranteed by paying each search engine, a fee. Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing should be an ongoing project and part of regular marketing action. Coast Creative Services can offer further search engine marketing consultations but this will incur an extra fee. Contact Coast Creative Services for further information.
  15. Coast Creative Services can’t be held responsible for any bugs or errors caused by or to 3rd party components and software. Nor can Coast Creative Services be held responsible for any hacks or viruses on a website. Only the best and most suitable software and 3rd party components will be used and all possible security measures will be taken to ensure your site is as safe as possible for your project and
  16. Your website and any software associated with it will need updating on a regular basis. This will help keep it up to date with the latest browser and server software and also provide any bug and security vulnerability fixes. Coast Creative Services offers a website maintenance monthly plan (optional) for peace of mind.  Otherwise we will advise when it’s necessary but it’s often more costly doing bigger updates rather than regular monthly maintenance. Coast Creative Services will provide a quote in any instance of an upgrade being needed and you’re not on a website maintenance plan.
  17. Website content including images, video and copy to be supplied by client. All copy (content text) and images are to be supplied by you. Please make sure your content is correct. We understand you may change your mind about the copy and allow for one copy change per page. Each time copy needs to be changed, it takes time for us to change it. So changing your mind multiple times will incur an extra fee at an hourly rate OR you can edit your copy when the site is finalised and handed over.
  18. Our liability is limited to our actual charges. You are responsible for final proofing omissions and/or errors.
  19. Although we may cancel this agreement at any time as well we will do our best to give you 30 days’ notice of this cancellation. If you cancel this agreement: Cancelling this contract does not relieve you of your obligation to pay outstanding balances.
  20. All files, materials, art, computer discs and electronic files become the property of the client upon payment for related products or services with the exclusion of copyright to original works of art to include illustrations, photographs and related items unless otherwise noted.
    1. After Care Support:  you will be entitled to free support for 30 days after your website has gone live.  The support is to help with any ‘teathing’ issues you may experience (not that we’re expecting any).  It does not include any new content or anything extra to the original brief.  If you need anything extra we can provide a quote for this.

    We’re also availabe for you to ask questions, anytime.