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Using mobile apps to build your business

Mobile App Development

Mobile applications (apps) are software programs for hand-held communication devices such as mobile phones, tablet computers, personal digital assistants (PDAs) or gaming consoles.

The rapid growth in the use of smartphones and other mobile devices has led to an explosion in the development of mobile apps. More than a million apps are available for sale or download through mobile software distribution platforms such as the Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Marketplace and BlackBerry App World.

Some small to medium businesses are using apps to improve their processes and help their customers. Others are developing their own apps for staff to use or to sell as a product.

Mobile apps can help business owners:

  • provide customer service (e.g. banking or transaction apps)
  • add value (e.g. apps that enhance customer relationships or experiences, make it quick and easy to get info on mobile devices)
  • do their business (e.g. tools for frontline or remote workers to access customer databases, fill in timesheets or manage inventory).

A mobile app should solve a problem for a business or a customer. Ideally it will allow them to do something on the move rather than on their computer or in person. An example is a a tourist using an app to book the closest accommodation.

Coast Creative can advise on and develop mobile apps for your business. For more information contact us